Scripts are individual PS1 files that you can execute within your environment. You can either invoke them via the PowerShell module using Invoke-UAScript, execute them via the UA REST API or schedule them using New-UASchedule.

Adding scripts to UA

To add a script to UA, you need to either clone a remote git repo with PS1 files in it, point the UA server at a folder with PS1 files in it, or add the script via New-UAScript.

Invoking a script with PowerShell

You can invoke a script using the Invoke-UAScript cmdlet. Pass in either the Id of the script or a Script object returned by Get-UAScript.

Passing Parameters to Scripts

Invoke-UAScriptsupports passing parameters to scripts via dynamic parameters. You can simply add new parameters to Invoke-UAScript to have it pass the parameter name and value to the target script.

$Script = Get-UAScript -Id 3
Invoke-UAScript -Script $Script -MyScriptParameter "Hello, World!"

Removing Scripts from UA

You can remove a script from UA by either using the PowerShell module, REST API or by deleting the file and committing the change to git.