Universal Automation is licensed per agent. Whenever you run Start-UAServer, you are starting a new agent. You can operate Universal Automation without a license however there will be a number of restrictions in place. The Universal Automation dashboard also requires a license to Universal Dashboard.

Universal Automation Desktop is licensed per user. You can install it on machines where you are the primary user.

Restrictions on unlicensed Universal Automation

- Run up to 2 jobs concurrently - Maximum 25 jobs per day

Obtaining a Universal Automation License

You can purchase a license for your agent from

Licenses require internet access for activation. They will attempt to communicate with If you require an offline license key, please contact us.

Installing a License

You can install a license from the licensing tab.

License Dialog for Universal Automation

Installing a License from the command line

Your UA server needs to be running to install a license.

Set-UALicense -Key 'universalautomation-asdfasdf2309yafk' -ComputerName http://localhost:1000